Translations for companies...

  • Contracts of service and contracts for services
  • Corporate documents: CVs, degrees and certificates, letters of reference, employment contracts, etc.
  • Insurance matters: claim submissions, contracts and expert opinions
  • Administrative affairs at various authorities including both translating and interpreting
  • Court: translations for a wide range of legal matters
  • Technical documents: manuals, training presentations, administrator guides
  • Real estate: extracts of land registry, various documents for property development, etc.

...and individuals

  • Marriage-related official documents
  • Employment documents needing certification: CVs, degrees and certificates, letters of reference
  • Divorce: all official legal documents
  • Inheritance: legal documents and material related to family history
  • Immigration: school certificates, certificates of good conduct, CVs, proofs of previous employment, etc. (Please note that the Hungarian immigration authorities may require the state-owned translation agency’s translations.)
  • Child birth: translating medical papers and legal documents
  • Schooling and higher education: certificates and degrees

Better cash-flow and lower costs for you

  • No threat of compromises. Most international translation agencies communicate only in English, and they can contact only those of their local translators who can speak English besides their working languages. In addition to a limited supply, this results in higher prices as well. No such limitation exists for us since TrM Translations is present in two markets of the region: Slovakia and Hungary.
  • Easy on your cash flow. If you have a valid EU VAT number, then under the rules on VAT within the EU, it is sufficient for you to transfer only the net amount of our agreed fee; thus the amount you would normally pay in VAT may be used elsewhere in your operations.
  • Lower your costs. As we are based in Budapest, within the CEE region, our central office costs are well below those of Western Europe -based translation agencies.

Zrinyi Utca street and St. Stephen`s Basilica

You can build on our extensive experience

  • In addition to our staff of over 100 contracted professional translators, we can capitalise upon our significant expertise to your benefit, which we have obtained on the markets of Slovakia and Hungary – this means a market with a total of 15 million people and annual USD 200 billion GDP.
  • Worried about unpleasant legal or financial consequences? MOKK, the Hungarian Chamber of Civil Law Notaries, issues apostilles for our English-Hungarian translations, as permitted by law. In all other cases, you can rely on our widely accepted corporate certification.
  • mokk

  • We provide short lead time for your projects, thanks to our global network of excellent freelance translators, linguistic editors and other experts. In Hungary, we are part of the expat community through the Irish-Hungarian Business Circle.
  • ihbc-hires

We can complete your projects flawlessly via the internet...

...nevertheless, should you want to visit us, we are easy to find.

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